World Mind at its beginnings it is only taking care on the development of websites, APP smartphones and custom design (Website & Design) projects in the fields of tourism, health care, media and entertainment, education, production, online sales , according to the business style and service they offer. By serving customers, we have gained great trust as a service provider.

Consultancy Service

Valuing counsel with our deep knowledge of the legal framework requires deepening of thought. We dedicate the right time to accurately understand the work of our clients.


In the Department of Communication, we study ways how communication techniques and technologies shape who we are, how we govern ourselves and what kinds of cultures we live in. Building strong and true relationships with our customers remains our top priority for do business.

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World Mind uses the programming technology like HTML, PHP, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, JQUERY, WORDPRESS, JOOMLA, MYSQL, SEO etc.


World Mind also builds mobile apps like Android and IOS, as well as web-design (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects etc) as Logo, Banner, Kataloge creation.

Maintenance of social networks

Social networks are the channels of any business and they need to be as dynamic as possible to serve the business. World Mind maintains social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter etc.


We help news media to reinvent models, strategies, products, design, editorials, workflows, and their editorial stories for the digital age.


We provide you with effective marketing strategies. From the brand’s goal and marketing effectiveness to digital transformation and customer experience.


Establishing successful internet goals and objectives should be your starting point for a new site design.


Motivation is a powerful but complex force. Sometimes it is very easy to be motivated, and you find yourself stuck in this inspiration!